Six Brands with Budget-Friendly Cowgirl Boots for Your Bridesmaids

The theme of a wedding sets the tone for all of the decorations, music and countless other decisions. Many go with classic or whimsical, but rustic has been a favorite for many brides. If you have decided to dig down into your country roots with this theme, then you know that you must equip your bridesmaids with some cowgirl boots.

Make sure that your girls look and feel their best by considering the style, comfort, and budget of these additions. With so many options, we have researched the best brands for an affordable boot that looks and feels great.

Take a look at our six top picks to help you pick the right shoes.


1. Old West

Old West is a top pick for its range of colors and styles. Generally ranging in price from $60 to $200, this brand allows you to find a cowgirl boot that is both affordable and stylish.

Browse among their line of snip toes, distressed leather and embroidered sides here online.

2. Ariat

Ariat is known for their quality and dependability. They can have a higher price range, averaging about $100 to $200 per shoe, but don’t let that deter you. This brand is among our top six because of the amount of detail that you receive in the individual styles.

Find your ideal bridesmaid shoe here with the Ariat western boot.

3. SheSole

Although not the most diverse in terms of their styles, SheSole offers an affordable option to make planning less stressful. They typically are about $50 to $100. When scouring Pinterest, you’ll notice that the classic western cowgirl boot looks exactly like the ones that SheSole makes.

Look these country boots up here to see if they will fit your wedding.


4. Durango

Durango gives you the option of a range of true Western style boots. This brand offers options such as distressed leather, different types of toes and even bridal boots for you. They sell their cowgirl shoes from roughly $130 to $200, excelling in both quality and comfort.

Browse through their women’s western boots here for an idea on how to accessorize your bridesmaids.

5. Roper

Roper boots are known for their versatility and durability. This will give your girls a chance to wear these shoes long after the wedding. Although there are fewer types of styles, this brand has created a number of embroideries that will match your country themed wedding perfectly. Find these affordable boots under the price of $100 here online for reduced stress.

6. Tecovas

Of our top six best cowgirl boots, this brand is one of the priciest, but that does not mean that it can’t be affordable. Bridesmaids who would like to invest in a shoe that will last them for the next decade to come should consider spending around $250 on these shoes.

Find a variety of styles from ostrich to suede here to complete your girls and their dresses.

With the stresses of wedding planning, it is important to get help wherever you can. We hope that this guide has helped you find boots that are affordable, comfortable and chic, matching the overall theme of your wedding.

Cowgirl boots are great for a budget-friendly bridesmaid as they can wear them again in their everyday life. Choose from our list of budget-friendly cowgirl boots to add the finishing touches on your bridal party.

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